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About Trading

Welcome to the wonderful world of trading, here is where you can find out one of our societys main purposes.
Trading is when two players come together and talkabout an item that the one of them is willing to buy.
The two players will then negotiate the price of this item.
Then the players will agree a price for the item and then one of them will right click on the opponent and then select trade in the sub-menu that pops up.
Once the trade icon has been selected the opponent will have a sub-menu pop up on his screen, he will then have the choice to chose accept trade request or decline trade request.
Bearing in mind you have a time limit to select one of the icons as if you dont it will come up on your opponents screen that you have ignored his/her request.
This may come across as being rude to some people so if you decline or dont respond to a trade request by accident please make sure you apologise to your opponent.


The Entropia Arachnid Traders
Welcome to all society members to our trading page.
I'd just like to say welcome to all our new members.
Welcome to the team!!!
Right then,
remember who we are,we are not con-artists or rip off merchants we are respectable traders and our society has an image to keep up.
We dont want to become a society that everyone hates,we want to become a society with well skilled traders who know about the project entropia economy
and the market.

Our Societys Shop Is Run By Comrade

About Our Store Shop
Our store shop will be up and running when we have enough stock.
The way it works is that You give us your goods we will take your name down and we will sell your product for 10% of the price if we don't sell your product within a week we will then give it back to you and give you 2 pec.
We can't say fairer than that i mean either way you are making money.
When our store is up and running our shop keeper will temporarly be Comrade there will be a job offer for a permanant place later on.
This will be one of the very many carrers that our society offers.

Getting Rich QuickFrom My Site!
If you would like us to sell some or one of your items please contact me on