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Every Thing On This Page Has Been Created By Twisted

                In order to play you have to Register an account, witch can be done on the Project entropia homepage:
Then when you have downloaded the game you can log in using your username and password that you got by registering
After you have created an avatar you will be sent to port atlantis right in front of a space ship. You will have nothing on yourself except the orange clothes and your PED card.
Go and talk to the people behind the counters by right clicking on them, they have very useful info! Also don’t go and rush to a profession because you might still want a mentor and gaining any profession above newbie you wont be able to have that privilege. So try getting one unless you want to explore on you own. Smile

Also it is very important to look out for scammers (people trying to steal your items) They do this by either:

-fooling you to pay WAY to much or give to little while in trade
-saying they will repair your items for free
-or tricking you in some other way

Always double check your deals and be on the look out for any scammers.

I recommend starting slow, get all the tp fist from all the cities and outposts. To get a tp simply walk into the middle of the white ball. REMEMBER to get the tp in the first city! Razz
There are currently 32 tps

8 in the NE sector
4 in the SE sector
9 in the NW sector
11 in the SW sector

After that you can either deposit( I highly recommend) or try doing it without depositing.

To equip an item simply drag it from your inventory(i) to your picture
To view an item right click on it( also use the bottom tabs in the window)
To drop an item drag it and drop it outside your inventory(click yes)

Fast keys(b)
These are very useful for quickly switching between weapons, decoys etc.
Simply press b then drag the item you want to assign a quick key to, to a slot you desire. If you drag it too the first slot you can press F1 to quickly equip that item.

They are very useful when hunting mobs that are faster than you are equip the decoy dispenser then click to deploy a decoy. Most of the time it works and the mob will stand by the decoy for a certain amount of time so you can shoot it.

Plying without depositing is very hard, trust me everything I have today came from scratch, yes I did not deposit at all and it took ages of hard work to get where I am today.
But the more I played and the more I came in contact with the community I soon realized that it is wrong so I deposited and bought myself 45k ammo just to support MA for bringing us such a great game! Remember your playing on their servers and using their money so give them something in return Wink

If you do chose to not deposit this is what you can do to get started:

-Getting some items or ped from another player
-Going to the oil rig
-Sweating mobs and selling it.

Getting items from another player is hard. NEVER BEG, try hinting or working as a runner or another job(or looking for me). But the overall population is greedy and won’t give you anything because the game is hard enough. This is how I started (grrr I wish I could remember the guys name, so I could repay him).

The oil rig is a dangerous place because its in the middle of a pvp zone( red circle) in the SE part of the first continent. Watch out players can kill you there and there are very fast and strong mobs out there that will munch on your bones. The oil rig drops a can of oil every set amount of time depending on how many players there are(its worth +- 6 ped)
You will have to grab it before anyone else can. 


Great Guide By Twisted

Sweating is something a lot of people do( be warned there is a cap of skills on this)
When you have nothing in your hands left click on a mob, don’t move, wait till you get a message saying mindforce concentration period finished, then click on the mob again. You will shoot out a beam and suck sweat out of the creature. You might fail a lot at the beginning but keep it up! You can only sell sweat to other players if you tt it you’ll get nothing. Try finding mobs that wont attack you when you sweat them. A good place to go,but crowded, is the sweat farms South of Nympth town. The best place I know of is NW of Camp Pheonix, over the river. Lots of Diripi to sweat. Ask around for more tips!

There are a lot of professions you can get and lvl up in. To make thing more clear:
You can gain lvls in many different skills by using only a single ‘’trainee’’ for example: using a weapon like a rifle gun you gain skills in rifle, laser, agility etc and not just in rifle as in some other games. To be able to raise in a profession you have to get all these individual skills to a sertain lvl. Here is a chart of to what you basically need in the main skill to gain in your profession.( by main skill I refer to for example rifle or pistol in hunting or mining while mining)This could be acquired at lower lvl but it is unlikely.
Also this chart is not 100% precise and can/does include errors.

1-9 Newbie
10-19 Inept
20-39 Poor
40-69 Weak
70-109 Mediocre
110-159 Unskilled
160-259 Green
260-359 Beginner
360-459 Novice
460-599 Amature
600-799 Apprentice
800-999 Initiated
1000-1199 Qualified
1200-1399 Trained
1400-1599 Able
1600-1799 Competent
1800-1999 Adept
2000-2199 Capable
2200-2399 Skilled
2400-2599 Experienced
2600-2799 Proficient
2800-2999 Good
3000-3199 Great
3200-3399 Inspiring
3400-3599 Impressive
3600-3799 Veteran
3800-3999 Professional
4000-4199 Specialist
4200-4499 Advanced
4500-4799 Remarkable
4800-5099 Expert
5100-5399 Exceptional
5400-5699 Amazing
5700-5999 Incredible
6000-6299 Marvelous
6300-6599 Astonishing
6600-6899 Outstanding
6900-7199 Champion
7200-7499 Elite
7500-7799 Superior
7800-8099 Supreme
8100-8399 Master
8400-8699 Grand Master
8700-9099 Arch Master
9100-9xxx Supreme Master

Currently it is stated by MA that there is no cap on skills so they go on and on and on. Confused

The main source of income in PE are:



There are a few reasons why people hunt witch one you chose is up to you and very important

For fun!- Just for the heck of killing! The best way to do this is to have a good weapon that can take down almost any mob

To play as long as possible for the money!- To get the most time out of your deposits or hofs peds

To gain skills!- To be better in a profession and ultimately be able to show of or brag or to get a better overall income.

To make money!- To get more ped and more money to do what you wish with (this is the hardest part, trust me Smile

Hunting can be done in a team or alone. First of you need to buy a weapon and some ammo. I recommend buying a Jester d1 as a first weapon until you get to about green laser sniper profession. Then you should look for a bigger weapon say about 5-6 ammo burn. The reason for this is because that your weapon has a maximum damage and to fully make use of the weapon you need to train your skill, bigger guns need more skill otherwise you’ll end up only doing 40% overall of what the weapon is capable of. For example. You just start out and use a big weapon that does 70 max damage, when you go out to hunt most of the time you only do 30-40 damage were if you skills where high you would have done 55-65 damage most of the time thus saving more money and bringing down the mob faster. In order not to die as often, you should always back away while shooting. Thus making it take longer before the mob gets to you. With a little testing you will also find out the range you can shoot and which creatures are easy to kill and which will easily kill you.

It is also very useful to have more than one good weapon equipped with the fast key. A long ranged weapon to start shooting the mob from far ( these are usually slow) and then a fast shorter ranged weapon to do fast and lethal damage. Its also good to carry an enblade if you run out of ammo. Good example: FF ARR 8000m( long ranged) and a mini-sweeper v1( short ranged and fast) with an enblade 8-10 either long or short blade

To loot a mob right click on it when it is dead. Always shoot a mob directly from the back or front this makes it a heck load easier to hit! Also if you might find yourself on the side of a mob fire in front of the mob, this is due to the lag between you and the server. When you shoot it gets sent to the server then the server tells your client if you hit or not, this is to prevent cheating.

Runners could also be used when hunting, it works like this: You get yourself a runner witch is another player in PE. You settle on a payment he will be getting. This could either be a parentage or a set amount for a specific time period. (Don’t pay to much)
Then you set out to find a mob equal to what your weapon is capable of taking down.
(Don’t team up with your runner he will get 50% if you do, unless you want to). The runner then goes and gets the attention of the mob and the mob starts to chase him, you then run behind the mob and start shooting at it to kill. Thus saving ammo because you don’t have to run away from it while it heals.

Lasers, amps and scopes are very useful:
Lasers give you a skill bonus while equipped to your weapon (this is in %). It is also possible to equip two laser at one time (one on your weapon the other on your scope)
They decay very slowly and I highly recommend using them.
Scopes also give you a bonus to skill in % but not as high as lasers but it sure is cool to be able to zoom in Smile Their decay is also very low.
Amps give you extra damage and depending on what type of amp it is the dacay can be really high. It also uses ammo on every shot. I don’t recommend you use an amp if you don’t know the decay.

Some more advanced weapon info:
Most important things to look at are

Shots per PED: This is how many shots you can make per PED, regardless of the amount of damage done. It is important if you are out to raise you skills and don't care what mobs you shoot.

PED to kill mob X: This is a combination of all the above and is very dependant on the mob you want to kill. More about this later

Damage/Ammo: This ratio is really not much of a help in comparing guns at all... Except to use Ammo as a cost approximation if you don’t know the decay rate.

Damage/PED: This is equal to Damage/(Ammo cost + Decay cost). That is the amount of damage you can deal for each PED you spend on Weapon repairs and Ammo. If you are going to hunt low health and low damage mobs then this is the ratio you want to maximise.

I got a good example from the EP forums
MK2 vs. Punisher (By Luni in the PE forum.)

"Lets compare the mk2 and punisher

The mk2 shoots faster then punisher but both rifle have same range which is to the 3rd circle.
Which means the mk2 can get away say 10shoots when the punisher can get away 6shoots.

So we get...

Mk2 .. Eff = 10 * 43 = 430 .. cost = (10 * 10) + 0.5 * 10) = 105pec
Punisher .. Eff = 6*21 = 126 .. cost = (6 * 5) + (0.27 * 6) = 31.62

Which makes the Eff/cost

Mk2 .. 4.092dmg/pec
Punisher .. 3.985dmg/pec

If I were to compare the mk2 and the punisher however I wouldn’t take note on the Eff/cost. I would just compare the efficiency which makes the "correct" comparisation --> 430 against 126, so the mk2 is around 340% more effective then the punisher...

But there is one very important variable left to take into consideration and that’s the regeneration rate of the creature.

If a creature have say 400HP (a.k.a allophyl), killing it with the mk2 would probably take around 17 shots (not including misses) if all shots hit for 30dmg.

"How come you ask yourself". Well lets assume that the allophyl heals 4HP every second, and the mk2 shoots once every 1.5seconds it would take around 25,5s to kill it which makes the creature regenerate around 102HP. And 17*30 = 400 + 110 = 510dmg

So... The creature have 502HP total and the damage dealt is 510 after 17 shoots, which is a little overkill

With the punisher however which shoots once every 2nd second and with lower damage. The same creature could regenerate a much greater portion of its health. Lets make an assumption that the punisher makes 14.5dmg every shoot. Then it would take around 62 shoots to kill it.

The creatures health = 400 + 4*(number of seconds it takes to kill it) = 400 + 4 * (62*2) = 400 + 496 = 896HP

Damage dealt = 62 * 14,5 = 899dmg

Cost per kill...

Mk2 .. 17 * 10 + 0,5*17 = 178,5pec
Punisher .. 62 * 5 + 0,27 * 62 = 326,74pec

The conclusion is quite obvious. Do not hunt creature with high health if you have a weapon with low efficiency."
Regards /luni

MindForce powers.
To do this you need an Implant and a Chip.
The lvl 1 Implant can be bought in the Trade Terminal along with the tool to put it into your head.
The different Chips have to be found elsewhere. There are lots of different kinds of Chips, like ones for healing and ones for dealing damage.

To use a MindForce Chip, you first need to implant the Implant. Then you put the chip into one of your fast keys and activate that fast key. After that you use it like a regular item, by clicking the thing you want to heal/ deal damage to. This will start the concentration, and when the concentration is finished you can perform the action. Just like when gathering Sweat. Note that in order for the Chip to work you also need the fuel/ammo Mind Essence in your inventory.

MindForce Hints
MA has stated that MindForce is the most level dependant profession in PE at the moment and that you will gain a lot from skilling with the easier ones (read Sweat gathering) before you start out with the others. So try getting your Concentration skill up before buying your implant and chip.

It is also most likely that you will need shorter and shorter time to concentrate the higher your concentration skill is. This is not confirmed yet though.

There are now Focus Chips that help you keep you focus while being hit during the concentration period.
The Focus Chip is used like any other Chip, but instead of doing damage or healing you will gain a number of focus charges. Each Charge will give you one possibility to be hit during the Concentration period without losing your concentration.
Larger levels on your Focus Chip gives more number of Focus Charges

The repair costs are directly bound to the TT-value of an item. I.e. An 100 PED item that are 30% worn will cost 30% of 100 PEDs = 30 PEDs to repair. This means that as an expensive gun, which usually have high damage/ammo-ratio, still might be more expensive to use than a much cheaper gun with slightly less damage/ammo-ratio.

Hall of fame:
It is not easy getting a HoF while hunting, Trust me!
It is more dependent on luck. The best way I have found to gat a HoF is to chose a mob that you can take down then hunt the crap out of them for the whole day.
Happy HoF hunting to all!

While hunting you will come over a lot of different animal parts that tailors use (always sell these to other players for more and check the market value)
These are:

Standard Leathers

Animal Hide
Soft Hide
Fine Hide

Exotic Leathers

Aerneatrox Skin
Allophyl Skin
Ambulimax Skin
Argonaut Skin
Armax Skin
Berycled Skin
Caudatergus Skin
Combibo Skin
Cornundacuda Skin
Cornundos Skin
Daikiba Skin
Exarosaur Skin
Faucervix Skin
Fugabara Skin
Longu Skin
Plumatergus Skin
Prancer Skin
Sabakuma Skin
Snablesnot Skin
Snarksnot Skin
Tantardion Skin
Tantillion Skin

Buttons Etc.

Molisk Tooth
Foul Bone

There are also collectors items that are lootable these include non stackable items like skulls witch can be sold for a set amount above tt value (check market)

Multi-fang mutant skull
Molisk skull
Foul skull
Alien mutant skull
Armax skull
Horned mutant skull
Argonaut skull
Daikiba skull
Argonaut fractured skull
Tiny mutant skull
Bulging mutant skull
Atrox jaw
Longu Plate
Sabakuma scale
Longu claw
Faucervix claw
Combibo pike
Argonaut bone
Argonaut fang
Molisk claw
Prancer tail
Armax plate
Drone head
Armax tusk
Araneatrox claw
Sabakuma Fang

Mining looks hard but it is actually very easy! First of you need the equipment, this can be acquired thru the Trade Terminal. You need to fist decide what type of miner you want to be: Enmatter or Ore miner.

Enmatter is the liquid you find under the surface of the ground.
-Chikara Energy Refiner ER/100
-Omegaton Enmatter Detector ED-10
-Genises Star Energy Extractor EE/01
-probes (1 ped for 2)

Ore is the solid material you find deep within the ground.
-Chikara Refiner MR/100
-Omegaton Detectonator MD/10
-Genises Star Earth Excavator ME/01
-bombs (1 ped for 1)

Mining can be very expensive until you find the spots that you will be using over and over. Remember that ore and enmatter respawn over a set amount of time. Unfortunately no one knows how long it takes. Ore is more profitable than enmatter because it is found anywhere and it doesn’t rely on ground I have found. Always sell your ore and enmatter for a set market % say for example 125% for lysterium ingots. Use the refiner to refine your ore and enmatter.

How to mine- Equip the Enmatter Detector or ore detector. Make sure you have bombs for ore mining or probes for enmatter mining. Walk out to a spot you feel could hold ore or matter. Then left click and the bomb or probe will be placed. With a bomb you have to run a short distance away and with matter you don’t. Click on “Detonate” and the bomb or probe will explode. You will either find nothing or a deposit. Run in the direction that the console in your hand points to then when all arrows are lit hit print claim. A rod will pop up and you’ll get a certificate showing where your rod is. Use your Extractor depending on what you have been mining. Equip it then click on the rod to get your ore or enmatter.

At the bottom of your console in your hands after you have detonated a bomb will be a message of how big the deposit might be.

Detectors reach about 50-80 m from where you blasted( it could be more depending on what detector your using, better one reach further) Remember that you always find the deposit closest to you and therefore the surface. The deeper a deposit the more ore or enmatter it has in most cases. So if you want a larger deposit you will have to bomb a certain area over if you find something. Clusters are groups of ore close to each other that can be found by rebombing a certain spot in a certain area.

Veins are like rivers flowing under the surface of the ground which could contain ore or enmatter even both. Always be on the lookout for veins so mine in 3rd person and zoom out so that you can see your rods. You will most likely see them heading in a specific direction. Stand at your last rod and press P to get your coordinates, then run either N E S W until your one of you coordinates( X or Y) is 70 m more or less then bomb again. If you find nothing its either a hole the wrong direction or the vein stopped. Try in different directions because a vein can turn in any direction.

Here is the list of how much ped worth you might pull out ( again this list may contain errors, from Enormous up have not been found)

Deposit Sizes
Tiny ~0.5 PED
Very Poor ~0.6-0.8 PED
Poor ~1 PED
Small ~1-2 PED
Modest ~2-3 PED
Average ~3-4 PED
Medium ~4-5 PED
Ample ~7-9 PED
Considerable ~12 PED
Sizeable ~15 PED
Large ~20 PED
Abdundant ~30 PED
Great ~42-61 PED
Substancial ~60-105 PED
Significant ~110-130 PED
Plentfull ~160 PED
Huge ~200-250 PED
Extremely Large ~300-500 PED
Massive ~500-700 PED
Vast ~700-1400 PED
Enormous ~1400-? PED
Mammoth ~+-5000 PED
Immense ~+-10000 PED

There are a lot of ore and enmatter you can find here are they and their tt values after being refined:

Mineral TT Value (Refined)

Azzurite 3,60
Belkar 0,06
Blausarium 0,12
Caldorite 0,51
Cumbriz 0,45
Durulium 2,40
Dianum 3,75
Erdorium 1,20
Gazzurdite 0,75
Gold 3,00
Ignisium 2,10
Iron 0,39
Kanerium 7,50
Langotz 2,70
Lysterium 0,03
Megan 0,54
Meganite 3,15
Narcanisum 0,24
Platinum 9,00
Rugaritz 4,50
Terrudite 3,30
Valurite 18,00
Xeremite 12,00
Zinc 0,30
Tridenite 6,00

Enmatter TT Value (Refined)

Alicenies Gel 0,10
Angelic Flakes 1,00
Binary Energy 1,50
Dunkel Plastix 1,10
Garcen Lubricant 0,20
Lytarian Powder 0,38
Magerian Spray 0,50
Melchi Crystal 0,04
Oil 0,02
Typonolic Gas 0,3
Force Nexus ???

Some useful mining tips:
If you get the following it means

surveying ----Large or up enmatterdeposit could be near
prospecting --Large or up oredeposit could be near
geology ------ beginning/end of vein
perception --- larger deposit nearby
intelligence( placement of rod)-- deposit is part of a vein

For more tips and info visit Redrums collected mining tips on this site.


First, one MUST understand what the TT (Trade Terminal) value means. From now on think of the TT as a "WholeSeller". They manufacture it and sell it directly to you with no handling fees. They sell unlimited amounts and have a stable market on buying and selling. Thus, everything that can be purchased at a TT has a stable market value. Ie. A refiner worth 2.3 ped is exactly the same value as 230 rounds of ammo.
To trade you need good knowledge of prices and what items/ore etc are worth.
You need an original deposit to trade right away. This is also the most profitable profession of all. All you have to do is buy an item for a low price and resell it higher.
For example: You buy 50 ped skins from somebody busy hunting and needs ammo. He sells them to you for a low price then you head back to town and find a tailor and sell it to him for more. Its as easy as that. This can also be done with almost anything else.

Tip 1: Never buy anything that doesn't fit into a trade window

Tip 2: Deal only considering Full TT value minus repair.

Tip 3: Avoid current TT + X amount deals, unless they work to ur favor, and seller understands their loss.

Tip 4: If u find something selling for %250+, check around a bit and compare prices, understand your purchases

Tip 5: Understand, markets change, the examples in this thread will be completely different in a month. Supply/Demand Never forget


This is a VERY useful tool to all out there, keep looking in it and you might just get a deal of you lifetime!
How it works? Easy! Simply go to any auctioneer out there and right click on him a window will pop up showing the latest auctions. To the left there are tabs showing the different types of auctions by clicking on the small * more options will come so you can find something specific. To buy something double click on the item then more details will appear. Place your ped card on the slot and place a bid. If the time runs out and you have the leading bid you win! Also if there is a buyout set you can bid that amound to instantly win the auction.
To sell all you have to do is click sell at the bottom of the auction window, currently it costs 1 ped to sell, place the item in the slot and your ready to sell, remember to set the time, opening bid and buyout bid.

Other useful info:
a) if a bid is placed during the last 5 mins, the time is reset to 5 mins
b) most bidding activity takes place in the last 10 mins of an auction

You can find auctioneers at:
fort ithaca
ne of hades central
fort troy
SW of Hades C
Cape Corinth
Jason Centre


There is already a very good crafting guide on this site check it out!

In my opinion tailoring falls under crafting but many will disagree it works basically the same ass crafting. Now you can even add skins to your designs!

Other ways to profit

There are other ways to profit like holding events that other people can pay and join in on the fun and ultimately the prize Wink


These are huge building that can be bought for around 10k ped. These hold space ships that will later be able to fly to a not known location. If you own a hanger then you will have to add a lot of different parts to places around the hanger in order to access more places in the hanger and ship, and also to make things work like say the gunner seat.

Parts needed for hangers:

First cabinet needs:

Generic Transformer (looted)
3 Generic Fuses (looted)
+ something unknown

Second cabinet needs:

3 lvl 1 Relays (crafted)
lvl 8 Hinge (crafted)
lvl 8 Engine (crafted)
Hydraulic Manifold (looted)
6 lvl 9 Wedges (crafted)
lvl 9 Feedback Panel (crafted)
Vaccumflux Energy Generator (looted)

In the two rear panels on the spaceship:

Robot Capacitator (looted)
lvl 9 Vent
Lvl 7 Seal
Lvl 3 Compressor
Fuel Pump (looted)
+ Unknown part

Small panel by the door into spaceship:

Bio ID Verificator (looted)

Behind first door in the cabinet inside spaceships first room:

3 or 4 unknown parts.

Also needed is the looted Wrench (tool) and some unknown tool.

If there is a part that is not working properly(doesn’t want to fit into the box) It could be because it was crafted before VU 5.4 and changed recently.

Any info on hanger parts will be greatly appreciated!

They have no real use apart from that having one is really cool and fun!
They can cost anything from 3k-10k peds. You can decorate it using all kinds of stuff like chairs. There’s also a big castle on calypso, too cool for words so ask around and go check it out!

Tips and Tricks

A few things has accured to me there some useful little things that u can do in game that many people seem to have missed

1. The radar, It can be changed so it’s locked with N in the top and giving u a "flashlight view". Do this by pressing the rectangle to the radars lower right.

2. U can hit space and use mouse pointer to check up mob/player health/name. Can be very useful sometimes to hit Z (Default controls) and check out the mob chasing you.

3.Have any of you had the problem that the avatar your are going to trade is busy I know I have. But instead of relogging just start a chat with the person first, make him/her accept and then you can trade him/her. If that doesn’t work then let him/her chat you and then trade you.

4.When u press z, use the + and - buttons (side of num pad) to zoom in and out. its not very useful. The normal + and – wont work.

5.You can use all terminals and loot monsters in 1st/3rd person view as well. Looting that way is really useful when mob is hard to loot. Just press space and sweep over carcass with mouse pointer until aim box appears. Much faster and easier than waving whole avatar

6.Most people probably know this one, but I sometimes meet someone who doesn’t: If you are in Team chat: Press "v" twice and you will be able to watch all chat and talk in team chat at the same time! This also works for Society chat.

7.U can craft anything on any crafting machine also it can be used by a few people at the same time

8.Did you know that when you get kicked of the server and it goes down (the server where your avator bla bla bla..) and you are eager to get back in. You watch the welcome screen of the client and see : servers 80% So you know its still down. That screen is not automatically refreshed so you need to press F5 to refresh it until servers are 100%
Than its good to login again.

9. You can log in if servers are 10% it depends on where your avatar is located, 10% is equal to one or more servers being down.

10.Theres a scrollbar in the chat window, that also makes it get really big. Useful sometimes.

11.Ever noticed that its a bad idea to drag peds directly from storage to the ped card? its a high risk that your cc gets blue and locks up your inventory. If u do, try exit the storage and then enter it again, it sometimes seems to unlock your inventory.

12. Don’t forget E=mc2 Very Happy

Any suggestions or errors would be appreciated so pm me.

As a final word I would like to thank
The EP community

For helping when I needed it.

If you found this guide helpful I have a lot more tips and tricks and would like to be your mentor. So pm me and we will get together.

IMPORTANT: this guide is a work in progress and is about *46%* done.

This guide has been kindly donated by Twisted
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Basic Buttons And Abreviations By Twisted

w- move forward
s- move backwards
d- strafe rightwards
a- strafe leftwards
e- jump
i- inventory
t- move to random location in 30seconds
z- change view to 1st or 3rd (front or back) person.
Q- Run
3- Auto run
B- Fast key Boxes
J- Friends list
C- MA Time
P- Coordinates your at
J- Friends list
G- Gestures
Space bar- curser or pointer

Terminlogy-meaning of some words.

Avatar: The word for a participant in Project Entropia (your virtual body)

CTD: Crash To Desktop, The game crashes and you are taken to desktop.
dc, d/c, disco: Disconnection between the client and the servers

HoF: Hall of Fame, where lists of big loots are displayed

lag: Latency , movement and refreshes gets stuck for a moment

MA Time: Mind Ark Time, the same as UTC, which is the same as GMT without adjustments for daylight savings time.

MA: MindArk PE AB, the company developing Project Entropia

MOB: Monster, animal, creature, from the word “Movable”

NE, SE, SW, NW: North East, South East etc, the sectors of Eudoria map

noob, n00b: newbie, someone new in Project Entropia, who don’t know the ropes of Project Entropia yet

PE: Project Entropia, the virtual universe

PK: Player killer

PM: Private Message (a message through the Friends List)

CTD: Crash To Desktop, a phenomena meaning your client shuts down immediately
dc, d/c, disco: Disconnection between the client and the universe servers

HoF: Hall of Fame, where lists of big loots are displayed

PvP: Player versus Player (like ‘PvP trade’)

PvP1: The unsafe zone (red circle) in SW, where participants are free to attack one another.

PvP2: The unsafe zone (red circle) in SE, where participants are free to attack one another.

PvP3: The unsafe zone (red circle) in NE, where participants are free to attack one another. In this area players can also loot eachother

Soc: Society, a grouping of participants

TP: Teleporter, a device used for instant transportation

TT: Trade Terminal, value of item when sold to the Trade Terminal

TT+(xx): Price over the items TT value
xx%: Normal way of deciding price on minerals, like ‘130%’, means the price is 1,3 x the Trade Terminal value

PEC: Project Entropia Cent, the currency used in Project Entropia, 100 PEC equals one PED.

PED: Project Entropia Dollar, the currency used in Project Entropia, 10 PED equals one US$.

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