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About The Ranks

There are currently no requirments to join my society at the moment

so if your thinking of joining join while you can.

Also when the ranks come into play there will not be any requirments

to join, but there will be to get promoted.



The Ranks


  • there are no requirments to become a student

J.r Researcher

  • You will need to have passed 2 tests such as a hunting test and a trading test
  • You will need to have competed in at least 2 events
  • You will of had to of been taught 4 lessons


  • Must be a member of Entropia pioneers
  • must have at least 16 teleports
  • Have taught 2 or more lessons
  • must have competed in 4 or more events
  • Passed all of the tests

Senior Researcher

  • Must have hosted own event
  • Have taught 6 or more lessons
  • must have competed in 6 or more events
  • must have 10 new gamers that you have taught pass a test
  • Must have all of the 32 teleports
  • Must have your own clothes

Assistant Profeser

  • Must have taught 10 or more lessons
  • Must have hosted at least 4 events
  • Must have been to all points of intrest in Calypso
  • Must pass 1 final test
  • Must have 20 or more new gamers pass 2 tests that you have taught
  • Must have profesion e.g. Hunting,Mining,Trading etc.

             There is information on tests below







All the test information can be found here.

The basic tests are

  • Basic Buttons
  • Sweat Gathering
  • Hunting
  • Mining
  • Trading
  • Tailoring

You can find out what the questions are on on the test page


If you would like and you think you are ready to take one of the texts contact me on: