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Whats New In Our Society?
If you currently have tried to join our society on the trade terminal you would not have been able to as our society is not yet up and running unfortunely.

We need to find a sponserer to help us out,the way it works is that a higher society pays us a certain amount of money a month and in return we will train some noobs and when they are fully pleged we will then send them on to that society.

This works out well as most societys hate noobs joining their society as they dont have a clue what to do.

We really need a sponser!!!

If anyone wants to sponser us then we would be grateful if you would contact me please!!!thx

Member pics
these pictures will eventullaly be pictures of members
  Members List
This is where you can find the list of all our Members!!!


Comrade-trading traveller

Anakha-trading traveller

What You Have Asked Us?
Steven is a one of the many new gamers in project entropia and he asked me:

Q 'How do you make money on project entropia without puting ane money in?'

A Well steven the simple awnser is that you should sweat gather because you dont need anything to be able to do it and you can sell each bottle for about 1.5 pec each(if you dont know how to sweat then you will be taught it when the society is up and running. or you could look in the new FAQ page) hope that anwsers your question,thanks Steve.

cccaa-quiz master

Also if you would like to ask us anything you want
write it on our forum!!!
Just click the link below


WE are currently recruiting members so if you would like to join dont hesitate to ask!!!
just click the link below and it write your in-game name and member next to it
and it will be e-mailed to me



About The Pictures
We need more pictures to put in our gallery
if you have a good picture that you have taken then if you e-mail it to me i will put it in the
gallery and credit it to the sender


This is one of my favorite images
This is my good friend Hal. I took this picture on his birthday. I think he likes to be in pictures.