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'Entropia Arachnids' is a society on Project Entropia. It is founded by Firestarter. We are in a alliance with the society  Nothing & Nowhere  Who has the same goal as ours to educate new gamers to the world of Calypso in order to help the relationship between them and the veterans work in Calypso.  Nothing &Nowhere help us in wich both of our societys can work together in peace and harmony in Calypso, we both provide events  to enjoy during our time in Calypso.  Our members can be found all over Calypso assisting people in there needs to learn the ways of  Project Entropia .  We aim to be able to offer careers to gamers and an education to new gamers.  If you are interested in being a member then please read the requirements under ranks allthough at the moment the requierments have not yet come into use.  If you would like to help us in our goal to educate new gamers then please click this link Firestarter. We apreciate any help offered.

We also support another society "Alien Job Suppliers". If you are in need  of a new society to join then please join "Alien Job Suppliers" as a goal in your  life in Calypso. For more information click here.

We desprately need more members.
whats a society with hardly any members!

we can offer careers in our society and also a free education how can you refuse?

If any one would like any jobs advertised or anything else advertised then please feel free to
ask me to put it up on my web-site and i will
great isnt it.


Due to the fact im getting a brand new pc i am hosting a race from the jason centre to the twin peaks, i am looking for markers that will be offered a wage, so if anyones intrested please pm me on the Entropia Arachnids forum

Forum Board

we now have a Forum board
so that you can express your comments about any matters in project entropia., 
we can reply to any comments you might have or any questions about our society.
please use our forum board
as we would love to answer any questions you have,
and comments aswell.

When you get onto the Forum Board then please register and i will sort your position out as a society member if you are a member of the 'Entropia Arachnids' if you are not then please join and if you wish I will set you up with your own private society forum. Or you could just be a normal member.


all pictures on this site are from entropia pioneers and project entropia there are useful links to these sites in the community page
if you would like any of these pctures
please look onto these web-sites above

All pics are from 'entropia pioneers' and 'project entrropia'